Resin Flooring

“No other surface in a building endures more abuse than the floor, whether it be industrial, commercial or residential”.

Specialists in Polyurethane Flooring
The Company specializes in Resin flooring. RESDEV’s Pumadur range of high performance polyurethane flooring is designed to exceed the ever changing needs of both, the industrial and commercial markets for seamless, hygienic flooring. In an extensive colour choice encompassing specific requirements, including strength, slip and chemical resistance, Pumadur can provide strong flooring solutions.

The Pumadur range is designed to meet the demands of the food industry and provide the answer for tanked or boxed washrooms and wet areas as well as refrigeration and freezer flooring.

Pumadur features
  • Available in an extensive colour choice.
  • It encompasses strength and slip resistance.
  • Offers abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Resistant to thermal shock up to 120ºC.
  • Pumadur Polyurethane Systems provide solutions from coatings to coving products.
  • Pumador heavy duty systems incorporate specialised graded aggregates and fillers.
  • It provides strong flooring solutions for practical and prestigious installations alike.
Pumador offers flooring solutions for chemical processing & storage, food processing & manufacture, pharmaceutical, healthcare, laboratories, cold storage/freezers, heavy duty traffic areas, engineering process areas, production & warehousing, showrooms, toilets & washrooms, food preparation areas.
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