Green Flooring

“Flooring products need to fulfill increasingly higher demands. Greater strength, resistance, flexibility, durability. More importantly, there is the environment.”

Environmental friendly, green flooring technology

Maleki GmbH is a specialist in developing exceptional and environmentally friendly building materials in the fields of construction, civil engineering, agriculture, landscaping and acid protection. The company aims to replace the increasing use of energy sources such as oil and coal which reduces limited resources of our planet. Large amounts are used for the production of building materials.

The company’s innovations save global resources by using alternative, recycled and environmentally friendly raw materials. Using unique upcycling technology and activating alternative raw materials such as blast furnace slags, the Company develops products that adapt to the requirements of the project and the markets being serviced.

EUROFLOR is a green cement-free system for floors developed by Maleki GmbH, Germany. Based on an environmentally friendly binder, the EUROFLOR range uses unique upcycling technology and sustainable raw materials such as slag from power stations.

Euroflor features
  • EUROFLOR - As unique as your signature.
  • For those who are looking for something special, without impacting the environment.
  • It opens up a multitude of design possibilities for interiors and exteriors alike.
  • Makes unusual shapes and structures possible, seamlessly.
  • EUROFLOR’s white base allows addition of colour at application stage.
  • Allows unique and artistic designs on surfaces.
  • EUROFLOR self-leveling flooring mortars are highly flowable and harden without stress and cracks.
  • Allows the achievement of difficult room shapes without visible joints.
  • Products have been tested and thoroughly proven worldwide.
  • Ideal where durability and abrasion resistance are key.
  • Offers seamless perfection in areas with heavy duty traffic, spillage and chemical abrasion.
  • EUROFLOR is perfect where hygiene and cleanability are paramount.

EUROFLOR eco-friendly, cement-free solutions work best for shopping malls, supermarkets,office buildings, apartments, high traffic areas hospitals, clinics, schools, laboratories, fast food restaurants, food manufacturing factories and warehouses and industrial kitchens

For private residences and villas, EUROFLOR systems provide continuity between floor and wall as well as floors of different levels.

This gives architects and designers the ability to design unlimited, uninterrupted areas, achieving uniform levels and totally seamless spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

EUROFLOR self leveling compounds are labelled with the “EMICODE-EC1 Plus” certification for environmental protection because they are characterized by very low emission behavior.

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