About Us

The flooring division of Falcon Chemicals LLC, is dedicated to high performance, contemporary flooring options. Our aim is to provide viable, cost-effective alternatives for indoor and outdoor areas with tough or aesthetic requirements as far as performance and design are concerned.

We deliver cutting edge system solutions and seamless flooring performance across industrial and decorative usages.

Our high end manufacturing facilities in Dubai are backed by our extensive and experienced technical and R & D team.

Our sales and distribution network extends worldwide.
Performance Flooring:
We offer performance flooring for all floor applications.

Protecting concrete floors is a sophisticated process involving review and selection of the appropriate flooring material.

The main aim of an applied system is to protect the substrate from deterioration through wear or chemical attack, or to provide benefits such as aesthetics, skid resistance, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, UV stability, waterproofing or crack bridging.

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